Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is a beginning!

Hello adorable pre-frosh and friends I told to read this blog and other interested parties and people who somehow got lost in hyperlinkland and ended up here,

This is my first post! How cool is that?

Strangely, this post is not coming to you from the Mount Allison Campus, or indeed anywhere in Sackville, or even the province of New Brunswick. As it happens, I'm in the foggylovely city of Halifax tonight, blogging from the floor of my friend Audrey's spacious bedroom. It's an exciting room to be in because a) I love my friend, and b) she is an art student, so her living space is full of projects in various states of completion, and I never know when she's secretly drawing me. This appeals to my sense of vanity. The fact that she is paring down her comic book/zine collection and is therefore eager to send a bunch of them home with me appeals to my sense of wanting more comics and zines. So basically, I'm pretty happy right now.

Audrey is happy too, because she's in my blog now.

I guess now all we have to do is make you happy. Hum. How about you go here? It usually does the trick for me. You should leave her enthusiastic fan comments so she'll feel more inclined to post all the ones she has drawn but not posted.

Awright now. The reason I'm in Halifax at the moment is because the good kind folks who are in charge of when I have to go to class and when there isn't any class to go to at Mt.A. decided to give us a big fat long weekend from the 8th to the 11th of November. I'm heading back to the shire tomorrow so I can get through some of the mountains of work this weekend is designed to help me catch up on, but it's been real nice to run away for a wee bit and have slumber parties with somebody I've been a fan of slumber parties with since we were of standard slumber partying age.

Halifax is in fact rapidly filling up with people from my hometown in Ontario, drawn eastward for schooling like me. We ran into one of them at the farmer's market this morning in front of the pizza stall from which we purchased our breakfast. Walking home later, we passed a girl I recognised from Mt.A (probably home for the weekend). It was an interesting sort of cross-section of the various places I feel tied to in one way or another. I think I get less surprised at these sorts of chance encounters than I used to. In a way, I feel like going to university far(ish) from home in a town not entirely dissimilar to my home town has blurred my sense of who belongs where. I kind of like it now, but it was a bit of a difficult adjustment in first year. I remember being in line at the post office last winter behind two women who were talking about their grown-up children who lived in Kingston (which happens to be a place I've lived in myself, and not too far down the road from where I was born). I got kind of homesick, thinking how that conversation would have fit in just as well in the Perth post office, and thinking about the fact that Perth was a 24 hour journey hence. But now I'm a big tough second-year kid, and I just think it's funny when I get locations mixed up like that. For example, there's a girl who works at the Cackling Goose (Sackvilleshire's lovely little health food/pretty stuff from India shop) who I swear to god is the same person as somebody who dates one of my brother's friends back home, except that that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Audrey has two books documenting Princess Elizabeth's wedding day and coronation, respectively. She cannot bear to part with them. I understand why she would feel compelled to collect such things, and I don't know why. I guess that is just the kind of people we are.

Anyhow. I'm looking forward to some pretty neat-o things upon my return, and no doubt they will be the subject of near-future blog posts. Here are the teasers:
-Hobo jungle in front of the Library!
-A lunchtime chat about "The Bitch Complex".
-Researching and writing papers until my face falls off. (No seriously. This will be fun times. I'm hoping. It can be. When I'm feeling clever. Then it breaks my mind and I feel defeated and depressed and utterly hopeless for a while, and I start talking about how I would prefer to go work in a cannery, making cans. Then I realise what I was getting at all along and I finish the paper and I feel like a superhero of learning. At least, that's the ideal.)

So yeah. That's my first post. I hope you're digging it so far.

More Life,

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