Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Few Shiny Things.

This happened today:

I was at Bridge Street Cafe listening to/playing with these nice folks tonight:
(The one you haven't seen before is Brendan the Brilliant Buddhist Bassist. I'm pretty sure he's been in every Religious Studies course I have taken so far at Mt.A. So of course when deciding what to play tonight, I went with a song from Hank and Lily's new album that begins with the lines everyone I know is going to burn in hell / oh well. He seemed to appreciate it.)

This was on the lawn between the fine arts building and the library a week or so ago:
(I don't know what it is, but look how cool it looks up close!)

This is happening on Saturday.

And this exists in perpetuity or at least until its corner of the internet collapses. (I really can't explain how pleased I am to be responsible for a blog where one of the most frequently used words is "pudding," pudding.)


More Life,

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mbcudmore said...

haha yess! your news reporting video made me most excited. hmm I love your personality.